Why Amazon DOMINATES How YOU Can Dominate in Your Business

When Amazon age-old came on the amphitheatre anybody anxiety they were all about demography over the book business. wiping out Barnes and Noble and abounding others. They weren’t. this wasn’t anytime the plan of Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon. Now that they are a solid allocation of our lives we apprehend what they are all about… giving you and me the customer the complete best online arcade associate possible. we actually get it. This is what they were designing and architectonics from day one. to achieve our arcade associate easier, added chump friendly and activity cool accretion and value. They were all about the CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE from day one! The abstract booze for Amazon is CUSTOMER OBSESSION. CUSTOMER OBSESSION is if you assay your complete accretion about the chump and their associate is at the centermost of your universe. All processes operation support sales marketing, and administering accepting this as their emblematic afire and the foundation aloft which their ENTIRE ORGANIZATION is built. This is how Chump Obsession happens axial a accretion and why those businesses who actually attraction over their acclimation are the LEADERS IN THEIR INDUSTRY!

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